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  • XL7320V Parts Manual 73204086 was Rev. 'G', now Rev. 'H'
  • Series IV Highway Speed Parts Manual 80804001 was Rev. 'S', now Rev. 'T'
  • Series V Highway Speed Parts Manual 80884012 was Rev. 'E', now Rev. 'F'

Gradall XL7320II & XL7320V Scaler owners, download the new Maintenance Inspection Report for your machine today. This is a detailed 6 & 12-month inspection checklist for your machine, including pressure/cycle time checks, torque checks & service component intervals.

Enter your machine serial number, click the 'Additional Manuals' dropdown and look for "73204098_XL7320II and V_Maintenance Inspection Report".

  • Series III Highway Speed Parts Manual 80854001 was Rev. 'U', now Rev. 'V'
  • XL3100 Parts Manual 31004001 was Rev. 'T', now Rev. 'U'
  • XL3100EPA Parts Manual 31014001 was Rev. 'AE', now Rev. 'AF'
  • XL4100II Parts Manual 80804001 was Rev. 'AD', now Rev. 'AE'
  • XL7320V Parts Manual 73204086 was Rev. 'F', now Rev. 'G'
  • Discovery Series Parts Manual 82104001 was Rev. 'E', now Rev. 'F'
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